Hi all!

Last year, I hacked together a graph of the 2.3.18 Linux kernel code, and promised that I'd do a "proper" one when 2.4.0 came out. Well, better late than never.

The result is a graph of all the .c files in the 2.4.0 Linux Kernel: each function graphically represented and named, resulting in 180MB of PostScript.

Download Generating Tools

You can get a compressed tar.bz2 file of the scripts to render it (takes about 9 hours on my laptop), including README .

Version 2.4.0a (fixes Red Hat, adds 11x17 papersize).

About The Process

I learnt Postscript for the new version, and adopted many of the scripts used last time, rewriting a few of them to be better. Finally, I created a Makefile to do the whole thing. It uses lex, perl, shell and C; see here for a blow-by-blow


Much thanks to all the guys at Linuxcare OzLabs who are inspirational just to be around.

But most of all thanks to my darling Alli who helped me paste the damn thing together, and put up with a number of nights where I spent the time hacking Postscript et al.

Too Hard?

If the DIY approach is too daunting, Linuxcare will be printing a run of posters at 120cmx168cm (about 4' x 5'8") for sale. If you are interested, send us mail.

A preview version was also sent to Everything Linux in Australia, so they may have them available for sale soon, too.